Where Characters Intrigue and Delight

Where Characters Intrigue and Delight

Flip The Thought



It’s summer in Philadelphia, and Gabby McSween is a busy working mum struggling to lose weight. When she meets her vivacious new boss Megan, they uncover striking resemblances about their past – both were inspired by Nadia Comaneci, and both became elite-level gymnasts and promising candidates for the Canadian and American Olympic gymnastics’ teams respectively. Encouraged by what they’ve seen in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, they hatch a ballsy comeback plan.

Initially, it’s just to get fit, but encouraged by early successes, the plan morphs into a serious competitive bid for a place on the national team, winning back sporting glories they were denied as children. If Gabby is to make any kind of impact, she will need to overcome injuries, age-related prejudice, and the increasingly disturbing overtures of a man who sees her maverick attitude as a threat to his daughter’s ranking. Ultimately, it’s a battle to wipe out murderous negative distractions, flip the thought, and be iron willed in the face of disaster.

The story above is what I’ll be pitching at the New York Pitch Conference 2018. ¬†For more about that, please click the link below.

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