Alison Quigley

Adults' Gymnastics Classes at Gladesville

"Glad to be in Gladesville"

Here is my first blog post on clubs across Australia hosting adults gymnastics classes. Gladesville gets first pick – not because I’m familiar with the place (in  fact, I had to look it up on a map and found this gorgeous nested harbour on wiki, with thanks to Adam JWC for hitching me to such a swoon-worthy image.)

Instead, the tip off to check out Gladesville came from new GGC member John Williams, a veteran gymnastics colleague from the days of Adelaide adults’ gymnastics competitions, a good ten years back now. City folk might know John from his circus enterprises or as Dr Turnaround when he was a clown doctor at Sydney Children’s Hospital. Here’s John literally proving he can turnaround…

And here’s an example of his handstand workmanship. 

Next time you’re in Gladesville, do as the locals do, and celebrate your veterans’ know-how.

Check out their  website for more details.