Alison Quigley

Adults gymnastics: Where in the World?

"I had a headache of a job ahead of me and then this suddenly happened..."

We all know the drill. Adults gymnastics is a tricky wicket.

We’re more maverick, we have more attitude, we’re lazier or our needs are way too disparate. 

Where I’m from, some clubs take us on, and some baulk. Always I am grateful for those coaches who accept the challenge and open their doors to adults. That coaches take on this job gives me hope. I see it as antidote to the pixie-model imperative, where the assumption – for females, at least – is that we must accelerate our learning before we reach puberty, when our body changes shape and it’s game over.

Adults classes push back against that idea. We’re in it for the long haul.

But philosophy aside, there’s always the practical issue to overcome. Is there a club near me? What will it costs? How crusty are my grips? 

To make it easier to answer that first question, I set myself a mission. I’d draft a table in Word, contact clubs around Australia and hope they’d agree to put their names on a list which I’d then advertise on this post. 

Simple enough? Well, in a way. The difficultly came after I started. This was going to take some time. I’d need to call each club administrator, ask permission and fill in a thousand details.  Before long the whole enterprise took on a heavy quality, a sense of overwhelm. I’d be sixty years old and day before the list would get done.

Two phone calls in, though, I struck it lucky. I found an engaged coach who was clearly passionate about the cause. And before long he was on board with the cause and had pointed me in the right direction, directing me to a website that collates information about the location of adults gymnastics classes ALL AROUND THE WORLD! 

Jump on board and check it out. Then go out and chuck a handstand for joy. Let yourself imagine covid is over, you’re drawing up destination lists again and this time you’re going to target your tourism to adults gymnastics classes.

Sure, visas and insurances might haul you up, but for now – let the dream unfurl.

The website can be found at this link.