The Trophy Room

American Gabby McSween, formerly a Canadian gymnastics champion, is a devoted circus artist who loves to help young kids reach their potential through trapeze, stilts, unicycling, and clowning. But everything changes on a day in 2017 when she’s driving her van to collect her kids from school and the radio reports the story of a …

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The Hope Nest

A Melbourne journalist on the run from the law makes a getaway to a West Australian newspaper. Here she meets a handsome local beau, who becomes her most valuable contact, in a town well practiced at keeping its secrets. Falling in love with her beau comes at a cost. In befriending his family, she finds herself …

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The Peaceful Terrorist

It is 1979, Iran, and Parisa Mahmoud is a 19-year-old Tehran university student with plans to establish a career in translation. But history intervenes mid way through her university course. Classes are put on hold and students everywhere must reconsider their options as Revolutionary forces take over from the brutal regime put in place by the …

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Crazy About Cakes

Minnie McGill is a Queensland girl living the 1970s Joh Bjelke Petersen era, a time of complex political paranoia machinations. Nine-year-old Minnie doesn’t see the complexities  – only the simple fact of her plan. She lives for the baking world and soon enough she’s got a new book that’s going to be her road map …

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The Comeback

It’s summer in Philadelphia, and Gabby McSween is a busy working mum struggling to lose weight. When she meets her vivacious new boss Megan, they uncover striking resemblances about their past – both were inspired by Nadia Comaneci, and both became elite-level gymnasts and promising candidates for the Canadian and American Olympic gymnastics’ teams respectively. …

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