Alison Quigley

Gymnastics Veterans' News 2021

Are you inspired by the oldies around you? Here’s the place where we share all our exciting veteran’s gymnastics news- stories about shin soreness, aching backs, hilarious fails, awesome wins, and whether you’re willing to take it to the next level and become competitive again.

From the competition floor…

Go here for more news about the October 10 Perth Masters

Maybe you’re preparing to peak earlier, in which case it’s worth considering the Maffra event in June. Check out Adult Gymnastics in Victoria Facebook page and click on the yellow ad below.

For finding your veterans’ tribe, check out these FB pages. 

Society of Ancient Gymnasts: one of my favourite FB groups to visit to catch up on veteran’s achievements and general questions about gymnastics-related stuff like buying old equipment.

Adults Gymnastics in Victoria: Victoria has an active veteran’s gymnastics community and shares their latest news on this FB page.

Please feel free to connect with me with news of any hilarious blooper or silly footage you’d like to share with the community.

To get things rolling, here is the slowest back-handspring ever completed in the Southern Hemisphere. When I made my second comeback to the sport, aged 52, I discovered I had absolutely no leg power. In consequence, I had to build up to back handsprings via trampoline and springboard. Embarrassing? Hell yeah! Lumpy? For sure. But at our age, who cares? It’s just so much fun!!