The Comeback

It’s summer in Philadelphia, and Gabby McSween is a busy working mum struggling to lose weight. When she meets her vivacious new boss Megan, they uncover striking resemblances about their past – both were inspired by Nadia Comaneci, and both became elite-level gymnasts and promising candidates for the Canadian and American Olympic gymnastics’ teams respectively. Encouraged by what they’ve seen in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, they hatch a ballsy comeback plan.

Initially, it’s just to get fit, but encouraged by early successes, the plan morphs into a serious competitive bid for a place on the national team, winning back sporting glories they were denied as children.

If Gabby is to make any kind of impact, she will need to overcome injuries, age-related prejudice, and the increasingly disturbing overtures of a man who sees her maverick attitude as a threat to his daughter’s ranking. Ultimately, it’s a battle to wipe out murderous negative distractions, flip the thought, and be iron willed in the face of disaster.

The story above is what I took to the New York Pitch Conference 2018.  For more about that, click here.

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